February 25, 2021


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Any reviews for The Hacklopedia Deux?

I have The Hacklopedia of Beasts and I don’t hesitate to tout it as the book that single handedly got me interested in the Kingdoms of Kalamar as a campaign setting. I know Kenzer Co had a final copy of the second volume of the book available and I was wondering if anyone has gotten their hands on it? I see Amazon has a copy of the second book at what seems to be full price (at least based on how expensive the first one was from what I remember). I know I’m going to get it but I was hoping someone could let me know if it’s on par with the first book and provides enough new content or if it’s just variants or whatever.

I honestly didn’t expect a second volume based on how dense the first one was and I’m honestly surprised they have enough content to charge another $80 for a monster manual. It also makes me worried that they’ll continue to pump out more volumes at questionable quality at high price points and I’ll be stuck in my sunk cost fallacy that’s impossible for the collector in me to shake. Just crossing my fingers someone has been sitting on a review and not talking about it

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