March 2, 2021


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Azgaar’s Fantasy Map Generator update v1.5: Emblems

Hi! Finally, after 8 months since the last big update, I’m glad to publish a new one: v1.5 Emblems Update. These 8 months, or a bit less, were mainly spent to build a completely new tool – heraldry generator and editor named Armoria. Now the basic work on Armoria is done and I’m doing to release it in v1.0 soon.

So the update in mainly introducing a new feature developed for Armoria – emblems generation. Emblems, how we call them in FMG are coat of arms (coa) and sometimes flags that are getting auto-generated for all states, provinces and burgs. The generation is somehow smart – the tool tries to produce similar emblems for connected area, selects shield shape based on culture, knows where port and where mountain settlements are to select a better emblem and so on. It’s still pretty simple and may create inappropriate ones, but overall I’m pretty happy with the result.

Both tools are inter-connected, while not seamlessly due to their different nature, but still the integration is pretty easy to use. In FMG you can regenerate, but not edit emblems. So in FMG there is a button that will open exactly the same emblem in Armoria, where you can easily edit it or create a different one using built-in or custom charges. Then you need to download the image in svg and upload back to FMG. Generally you can upload any image into FMG to be used as an emblem.

The best thing as once new charges are added to Armoria, I will add the same to FMG and it will make the generation more interesting and somehow new.

The other significant change included into this update is a new Burg Edit screen. Most of the info displayed here is just for your reference, but it looks pretty good and may be useful for world-building purposes.

Another change is a Speak Name functionality. It’s a small speaker icon that asks your browser to pronounce the displayed name. You can select the voice (language) in Options, but please consider the voice options are provided by your system and browser, not by me. The most options, as far as I see, are available on Chrome under Windows.

Please feel free to ask questions and report bugs here.

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