February 26, 2021


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Been playing video games all my life but I’m still stupid when it comes to RPGs. Where to actually start learning? Any advice?


So I’m 24 and have been playing video games all my life. Guess my first experience with RPG was playing Pokémon on GB. But I’d just take the ones I found cool and if I hit a wall I’d just grind levels till I somehow could get trough the next important fight. And not much has changed since haha. I did played trough many RPG games. Diablo series, Torchlight, TES games, some Final Fantasy games and many many more. Also I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for years and recently started and clocked in 300 hours into FF XIV which is my main MMO now.

But yet still I’m stupid when it comes to very basics of RPG and ARPG games. For example I can easily play trough Diablo but in the end I don’t really have a consistent build because I don’t understand how to plan them out. These days I mostly play Path of Exile. I’ve played 4 leagues so far and while I’m not as stupid as I was at the beginning there’s no way I could make my own build. I just follow builds that are online without really understanding why they work.

Honestly I would really love to start learning about all this and get better at these games. Is there a game I can start with that isn’t as complex as PoE? I was thinking maybe starting with Diablo 1 to go back to the roots and build up from there haha.

So any recommendations or tips on how to actually start learning about RPGs and how the stats, skills, gear and all should be built to together ? Any advice is highly appreciated! Thank you.

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