February 28, 2021


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Can someone test a puzzle I’m giving to friends this weekend? (fake card game)

I’m making a (mini) online game where 6 friends are all on Zoom together, can talk to each other, but can’t see each other’s monitors, and have to solve puzzles together.

One puzzle I want to give them is Confusing Card Game. Each one of them sees one of the six rules. Then they have to put their info together and figure out what card they would play to win a hand against an imaginary dealer.

In addition to each friend seeing one rule, he/she also sees a puzzle in the form of “The dealer plays [card X]. Which card do you play?”

For my abbreviations below, I’ll use s, c, d and h to mean spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.


  1. Aces count as 6.
  2. A higher card beats a lower card.
  3. Face cards count as 2.
  4. A club is always higher than any other suit.
  5. Odd numbered cards are doubled.
  6. A diamond is always lower than any other suit.

Puzzle 1.

Dealer plays As.

What do you play?

7d, 5d, 10h, or 4s?

Puzzle 2.

Dealer plays 4s.

What do you play?

10d, 6h, Ks or Kh?

Puzzle 3.

Dealer plays 4s.

What do you play?

Ah, Ad, Qh, or 4d?

Puzzle 4.

Dealer plays Jc

What do you play?

4c, 8s, Kh or 9d?

Puzzle 5.

Dealer plays 5h

What do you play?

8d, Ac, 8h or Js?

Puzzle 6.

Dealer plays 10h.

What do you play?

9d, 6s, Qd or 7h?

Extra notes:

It will be a little more fun when they get to see and click on actual pretty playing cards.

I know the rules could use more words to disambiguate further, but ideally I can convey the puzzle without phrases like “Except where it would interfere with other rules…” and “This takes precedent over such-and-such rule.”

If you can solve it, please post an answer — let me know that I’ve got the logic right, etc.


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