July 30, 2021


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Dragon Ball Reaction Episode 35

On this episode the All Ages of Geek crew reacts and reviews episode 35 of Dragon Ball!


Cold Reception” (きたしょうじょスノ Kita no Shōjo Suno, lit. “The Girl of the North, Suno”) is the 35 episode of Dragon Ball! The girl called Suno, takes Goku back to her house to recover. She and her mother explain that the Red Ribbon Army has taken their village chief hostage and are forcing the men to help them look for the Dragon Ball. The chief is being held in a fortress called Muscle Tower. Two soldiers break in, just as Goku is in the bathroom but Goku beats them. Suno gives Goku warm clothes to wear outside. Goku arrives at Muscle Tower and makes short work of the guards waiting outside. He uses his power pole to vault up onto the first level.

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