April 18, 2021


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Elegant Game Design

Hello r/gamedesign!
I’m trying to make my mind about what, why, and how to create elegant games. So I come to you to ask about any sources about this theme and some games with elegant design (special points if the game is a hidden gem!). Furthermore, are there any questions you also have about elegant game design? I have been writing notes about them and maybe I could share a compilation of them later.

Edit 01: It seems I should have been more clear about what I think what elegant design is, my mistake. Currently I believe that elegant design have 3 main characteristics: * They have rules that have considerable impact on all other rules i.e. Tetris, as the 4 motif is engrained in the game

  • They give control of some game aspect (usually progression of some sort) directly to the player thought the mechanics i.e. space invaders with it’s speed bug

  • They are very economical with the player cognitive load i.e. into the breach with its damage and pushing mechanics


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