September 18, 2021


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Escape Rooms Solo

So I fell in love with escape room games in the early days when they were Flash games online. Obviously those were one person games, which I am fine with. I’ve always had a desire to try and go through an escape room or 2 solo, just to see if I could. I somewhat did one game solo when I worked at an escape room for a short time a while back. (Later did all but one with guests and another trainee before I was let go. For the best. Lots of technical issues for a chain location.) Any suggestions on games that can be done solo? Texas area, but I can make a list for the future. Also, currently looking at The Escape Game’s “Playground” as it is the last one of theirs nearby I have yet to do. Anyone seen a solo run, player or master?

Tl;dr. Physical solo games to try? Anyone tried TEG’s Playground solo or been GM for a solo player?

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