February 24, 2021


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Newer RPGs without a quest marker/quest compass

One of the problems I feel that is everywhere in games today are games that not only have a quest marker system, but are designed around it. Older games like Morrowind actually went out of their way to give you directions, but a lot of the newer big budget RPGs just let a yellow quest marker obviate the need for the game design to actually provide explanations for where you need to go.

I recently had a chance to play through Outward, and I absolutely loved it. While the combat was definitely clunky and frustrating at times, I loved how the game felt like it was designed around making the player explore and figure out where they need to go.

What I’m looking for are other RPGs that have that same structure of exploration. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a souls-type game, but I’m looking for games that were made, say, after 2005 that don’t fall into that quest marker trap.

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