March 5, 2021


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Party Based, Turn Based RPG’s

Hey all! I play on PS5/PS4/PC.

Looking for some games that might meet what I am looking for. Looking for games in the style/vein of Baldur’s Gate 3, Divinity OS2, Solasta COTM or Brigandine Legend of Runersia, Final Fantasy Tactics, etc. I’ll even take turn based combat like FFX, FFIV, FFIV, etc.

But the main criteria is complete control over party characters/class build, stat growth etc – can’t seem to find anything where the whole party can be custom from the start.

I may have exhausted this genre mostly already. Been playing games like the above for 20+ years.

Played: BG1/2/3, Disgaea series, Final Fantasy series, Div 1/2, Pathfinder Kingmaker, Persona series, Saga Series, Mana Series etc.


Edit: Played Dragons Dogma and all the Souls Games as well.

Edit 2:. Thanks so far for all the recs!

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