February 26, 2021


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Uncharted 4 vs The Last Of Us 2

These are both fantastic games by naughty dog. They are easily my 2 favorite games ever made, with the first last of us following close behind. I’m kind of torn on which is better though.

Uncharted 4 has an exciting escapist story with plenty of action and great character moments. The boss fight against Rafe is awesome, and all the set pieces are just insane. Some people don’t like the lack of progression, but I don’t mind. Not having to go out of your way to upgrade yourself keeps the story going fast all the time, I honestly wish more games would ditch progression systems as it usually just exists to make you feel weak at the beginning.

And then there’s The Last Of Us 2. The story is less gratifying since it’s a lot darker, but the way it’s presented keeps you constantly intrigued and wanting to see what’s next. Enemy variety is really good with WLF, Scars, and infected to deal with. That thing at the bottom of the hospital basement blew my mind. The first game got the audience to love Ellie. But Naughty dog really did the impossible by making you HATE the character who’s name starts with A, and then eventually get you to love her. Twice as hard. This game just has such an astounding feel during the second half, like you are fighting for the purest possible reasons while everyone tries to kill you. Though looting sometimes gets obnoxious.

Overall, TLOU 2 is a lot more thought provoking and introspective while Uncharted 4 has that crazy summer blockbuster feel. I’ve always leant towards Uncharted 4, but honestly any time I see something from The Last Of Us 2 I start thinking about it constantly once again. It’s definitely more replayable. Which game is better?

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