March 8, 2021


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What is the actual value of “Gaming” Headphones

I am a relatively new gamer. I got my ps4 early in the pandemic and have been having a blast with it. With a birthday coming up, I am planning on asking for a better pair of headphones to use while I play (I currently just use a cheap pair of skullcandy in ear headphones that we had around). I have been doing a bunch of research but I am having a hard time figuring out if there is actually any difference between gaming headphones and normal headphones aside from the microphone.

As someone who only plays single player, is there actually a difference? Would any over the ear headphones work just as well as a Gaming set?

Thanks for any insight. I have searched a bunch on here for answers and while if I do go with a gaming set I now have an idea of what I want, I still can’t figure out if there is actually anything special about gaming sets.

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