March 5, 2021


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What RPG Should I Run?

I have experience with several systems, but very little experience with complete Theatre of the Mind and GMing over Discord, both of which are what I’m trying to do rn- any help? People keep telling me to do D&D but I just can’t justify running a game I usually do w/ heavy terrain as a mental game.

I do enjoy games that give opportunity for lots of roleplay and intrigue, but this is also the 2nd game I’m running and I also play in another game, so something that isn’t guaranteed to drain all my mental energy to prep would be nice. I like CoC but again, I really see that as a gridded game.

Other than the ones listed above, I am at least somewhat familiar w/ running Deadlands, Paranoia, Dread, Mouseguard, and Fiasco. I’m open to learning something else, so long as it suits my needs.

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