September 18, 2021


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Which Class Can We Choose In PSO2 New Genesis?

The first thing we considered after entering PSO2 New Genesis was to consider the issue of playing that class. Here is an introduction to the 6 classes in this game, which can help you to better choose a suitable class.

Can We Change The Class?

PSO2 New Genesis allows players to change their classes almost any time they wish, but they must be in specific locations first. Players just have to find a certain NPC in the main hub.

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The Hunter – perfect class for beginners

What Can The Hunter Do?

The Hunter class provides an engaging suggestion of playability, movement, and also damage, and makes it complicated for you to find a far better class later on.

You Must Accept The Certainty

Unfortunately, the class is not as maneuverable as others, but it is better armored.

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The Fighter – Mobile damage and spectacular combos

The Difference Between Fighter And Hunter

The fighters play more or less like the hunters, but are faster and master devastating attacks. They don’t take quite as much damage, but they move light-footed and can therefore dodge better. Hunters rely on double daggers, double swords, and their fists in combat.

Advantages: He is agile and has strong attacks. He is very effective in aerial combat.

Disadvantages: The class has weaker armor and you have to dodge strong attacks

The Ranger – Heavy damage at a great distance

How Does The Ranger Play?

If you want to keep your distance from your opponents and kill them from a distance, the Ranger is for you. You can use either rifles or rocket launchers and use them to do extreme damage from a safe distance.

Advantages: it is deadly from a great distance and perfect for keeping your backs clear.

Disadvantages: As soon as the opponents come near you, you are vulnerable and you cannot take much.

The Gunner – Difficult To Play

The Gunner class is a little difficult to learn at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a lot of fun. Gunner mainly relies on a very fast style of play and behaves more like close-range fighters than long-range fighters.

Advantage: He plays incredibly dynamic and fun while you rush across the battlefield.

Disadvantage: The way of playing is not easy to learn.

The Force – Strong area attacks wreak havoc on the battlefield

What Is The Force?

Normally for PSO2, there are likewise some magician-like classes. Power is the class for gamers who as if making use of techs.

Advantages: It causes high damage on the battlefield.

Disadvantage: You have to keep your distance from your opponents at all times

The Techter – supports the other players but also does good damage

What Does The Techter Offer?

The Techter is the real assistance course in PSO2 New Genesis. Your main job is actually to support the remainder of the team – yet don’t presume now that you can’t shield yourself. Techers make use of a variety of item skill-sets and also specialists that adequately work damages.

Advantages: Supports groups and also cause damage to opponents

Disadvantages: Damage is not comparable to the Force class

When we choose to change the class, we must consider that this may waste a lot of PSO2 NGS Meseta, so when we enter the game, we must carefully choose a suitable class.

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