April 18, 2021


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Windows compatibility layer Wine 6.3 is out now

Step right up and grab a bottle: a fresh biweekly development release is out for the Windows compatibility layer Wine with Wine 6.3 bringing together more of the latest and greatest into a suitable release for you to try.

For newer readers and Linux users here’s a refresher – Wine is a compatibility layer built for operating systems like Linux, macOS and BSD. The idea is to allow other platforms to run games and applications only built and supported for Windows. It’s also part of what makes up Steam Play Proton. Once a year or so, all the development is bundled into a stable release.

Here’s what’s new in Wine 6.3:

  • Better debugger support in the NT syscall interface.
  • WineGStreamer library converted to PE.
  • Still more WinRT support in WIDL.
  • Optional support for build IDs.

With this release just 24 bugs were noted as fixed. As usual some being quite old that were fixed a while ago, each release sees the team go over bugs to see what are still actually a problem. This time though, a bug from 2005 was solved – wow! Plus other bugs fixed to help: WRC 4 FIA World Rally Championship, running Steam in Wine, a bunch of Electron-based apps (launchers) should no longer give black screens, Civilization IV and more.

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